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  • Sang Sang Pong Dang! Arts of Sharing Everybody’s Happy in Arts – Arts of Sharing, art program for isolated classes
    • Venue/ Creation Art Bldg of GCC
    • Participants/ Local students
    • Period/ 2018.01.01(Mon) ~ 2018.12.31(Mon)

    Art is for everyone. Just like sunlight, wind, sea, and mountain, anybody can feel and experience art and can express one through it. However, it is not difficult to break out of the routine life and feel what art is, especially for those who are isolated from arts because they live where they can’t access arts, or because their disability makes it hard to do so.

  • Creative Arts Camp Real Arts from Outside the Textbook – Lose Yourself in Arts in Creative Arts Camp
    • Venue/ In and around Gyeonggi Creation Center
    • Participants/ Students (Elementary, Middle, High)
    • Period/ 2018.01.01(Mon) ~ 2018.12.31(Mon)

    Our kids encounter the likes of Van Gogh or Mozart through hard-edged textbook sitting on a blocky chair. They feel so complicated and far away, and kids wonder, why do we have to learn these? For these kids and teenagers, Gyeonggi Creation Center prepared a program with the help of contemporary artists. Linking ideas from abstract pictures, and piecing together small pieces to build surprisingly large sculptures, kids can find their own dream through the process.

  • Creativity Session Chance,