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Chance, Challenge, Change – 3 C’s of Art, Art Session for Grown-ups
Creativity and flexibility are not just for kids. Creative point of view and the joy of creation improves grown-ups’ competency and enriches their lives. It’s not too late for you to learn art. Gyeonggi Creation Center is running the 3 C’s of Art Session, an art class for grown-ups. Artists from a variety of genres offer their own original programs related to their works. Any grown-ups, ranging from public workers, teachers, workers, and college students, can participate in the session.
Foster your creativity and intellectual flexibility by learning the works of contemporary artists and participating in making one. The program is comprised of three pillars: Chance, a process of finding a creative possibility from a variety of genres including fine arts, sculptures, plastic arts, photography, music, and literature; Challenge, a process of finding a new self; and Change, a process of facilitating changes through arts. Completely customized for your needs, The 3 C’s of Art is always open to you.
In and around Gyeonggi Creation Center
Adults aged over 18
Jan 1, 2018 (Mon) – Dec 31, 2018 (Mon)
+82 (0)32-890-4825
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