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  • 2017 GCC Art Project: Space to Space Close
    • Venue/ GCC Project Exhibition space
    • Period/ 2017.09.18(Mon) ~ 2017.10.15(Sun)

    Jeho Yun deals with audiovisual areas and experiments with the borderline between music and sounds by stimulating the senses through the re-combination of repetitive and non-repetitive, regular and irregular arrangement of sound ingredients that are both from daily life and designed by computers. This art project creates individual spaces with light and sound, and experiments with the borderline between the entire space and the connecting point of the cubic space by using the physical characteristics of materials such as reflection, movement, etc.

  • 2016-7 Gyeonggi Creation Center International Residency Artist Result Exhibition 《Here, Now》 Close
    • Venue/ GCC Studio Bldg 2, Test Bed
    • Period/ 2017.09.18(Mon) ~ 2017.10.30(Mon)

    This exhibition is by Yoon-hee who moved in 2016. Yoon-hee worked as a visual artist residing in France for 30 years, and she recreates the borderline between materials and non-materials, obtained through the study of energy contained in subjects, in a formative manner in the forms of carving, installation and drawing.

  • 2017 GCC Preview Exhibition 《Drifting Unconsciousness》 Close
    • Venue/ GCC Permanent Exhibition Space, Project Exhibition Space
    • Period/ 2017.04.27(Thu) ~ 2017.06.25(Sun)

    Artists participating in this exhibition include those who focus on their characters, those who stay away from the world while showing their attitude and perspective, and those who focus on artistic performance and experimentation. The world they focus on and the way they show the world they choose are different points of existence for the artists, not identifiable but at the same time distinguishable from the others. The 2017 GCC Preview Exhibition is sometimes reckless and dynamic, while at other times unstable and weak. However, we still expect that the preview will provide an excellent opportunity to experience the process of connecting with the world through their unique methods of existence.