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Gyeonggi Creation Center, where anybody can learn arts
Walking along the mudflat of Daebudo Islands, there’s a colorful building that looks like a school over at the land. With a playing field and small green farm, it really does look like a school. So who’s inside?
Come inside and find out, because Gyeonggi Creation Center is an art residence open for everyone. More than 50 artists from visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, and architecture are working on a variety of activities here.
Make no mistake, though, because Gyeonggi Creation Center is not merely for artists. We crave to form a local community together with neighbors from Daebudo islands, and also a place for anyone to come over and learn about arts. It’s an art workshop and exhibition where everybody is a student of arts.
Gyeonggi Creation Center is running Creart(Creation+Art) School program, a unique program led by artists to awaken the imagination and creativity of students. Please do come over if arts always felt remote and confusing to you. Gyeonggi Creation Center offers an opportunity where the boundary between arts and life are blurred. .
Gyeonggi Creation Center