카카오톡으로 퍼가기구글플러스로 퍼가기페이스북으로 퍼가기트위터로 퍼가기
Everybody’s Happy in Arts – Arts of Sharing, art program for isolated classes
Art is for everyone. Just like sunlight, wind, sea, and mountain, anybody can feel and experience art and can express one through it. However, it is not difficult to break out of the routine life and feel what art is, especially for those who are isolated from arts because they live where they can’t access arts, or because their disability makes it hard to do so. For these people, Gyeonggi Creation Center is running the “Arts of Sharing” program for those who are isolated from arts. We have been running the program in collaboration with schools in Daebudo area where kids are denied access from arts, along with welfare institutes and local kids center, with the help of our artists. For years we have awakened the emotions and creativity of these people, and this year is no exception. Whether we visit our students or students visit us, we will make sure the sessions are efficient and helpful to our students, so that they can foster better communications with the society through arts.
Creation Art Bldg of GCC
Local students
Jan 1, 2018 (Mon) – Dec 31, 2018 (Mon)
+82 (0)32-890-4825
Local School Program
– Aimed at students in Daebudo area (especially, marginalized groups regarding arts access), in conjunction with school curriculum
– Divided by grades for differentiation
Art Therapy Program
– In conjunction with welfare institutions and local kids center
– Art Therapy program aimed at self-realization of the students through procedure-centric creation activity
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Sang Sang Pong Dang! Arts of Sharing